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Alan (Avraham Haim) Beer

Jun 11, 2003 | 11th of Sivan, 5763 | י״א בסיון תשס״ג

June 11, 2003 – Alan Beer, 46, of Jerusalem was one of 17 people killed in a suicide bombing on bus No. 14A on Jaffa Road in the center of Jerusalem.

At around 17:30, the bomber, dressed as an ultra-Orthodox Jew, boarded Egged bus No. 14A at the Mahane Yehuda market, and a short while later, as the bus drove down Jaffa Road near the Davidka Square, detonated his bomb, wrecking the bus and killing 16 of its passengers. Over 100 people were wounded, including dozens of passersby. Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack.

Alan Beer had gone to Hadera to pay a condolence visit to a friend who had lost his father and was returning home from the Central Bus Station when he was killed.

Alan graduated from the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland Mesifta Class in 1974. A film buff and computer programmer, with a masters degree in physical chemistry, he immigrated to Israel five years ago after losing his job in a hi-tech company and settled in Jerusalem. Even when he had trouble finding work, a problem faced by many fellow English-speaking immigrants in Israel, Alan always managed to keep his spirits up and did not think of leaving.

Religiously observant, Alan saw no contradiction between his religious beliefs and his homosexuality. Alan regularly attended the Israel Center, where Rabbi Gold and others give Torah lessons, and was also a member of the Jerusalem Open House, Jerusalem’s gay and lesbian community center.

Beer’s niece, film student Aurital Maisel, said her uncle loved to see films at Jerusalem’s Cinemateque, frequented by many movie buffs for its frequent screenings of old classics and foreign films. Often she would see him there, and she recalls one instance where she was not aware that her uncle was in the theater, until she heard his telltale laugh during the movie. “I knew my uncle was there. He had this happy, infectious laugh.” Everyone who knew Alan described him as good, kind and friendly.

Alan Beer was buried in Jerusalem. He is survived by his mother, Anna Beer, his brother Lenny, two sisters – Esther Sara Carroll and Cookie Maisel, who lives in Jerusalem.


Israel's Voice commitment to memorialize each victim of terror doesn't end here. We are currently reaching out to those who have been victimized and to every family who's lost loved one(s) due to terror. Your story must be told and we intend to create a documentary for each individual. Silence is no longer an option. Contact us today to set up an appointment. info@israelvoice.org Our preference is to make your story heard in English, but Hebrew is also fine. Videos will be subtitled for the world to understand.



Jun 11, 2003
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