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March 2016
Israel’s Voice Org
2600 S. Henderson St. Suite #148
Bloomington, IN. 47401
Re:  “LifeAfterTerror”

Israel’s Voice, a US-based, nonpartisan 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, based in California, is dedicated to education, promotion, and raising worldwide awareness about past, present, and future events related to Israel, thereby fulfilling the core of its mission. By connecting its website http://www.israelvoice.org and using social media as a tool to deliver its message (Twitter- http://www.twitter.com/israelsvoice Instagram- http://www.instagram.com/israelsvoice; Facebook “verified” page with more than 48,000 followers –  http://www.facebook.com/IsraelsVoice and others), Israel’s Voice embarks on a vital program/project, titled LifeAfterTerror.

We would like to acquaint you with our mission and program/project, LifeAfterTerror (http://www.lifeafterterror.org ). We are dedicated to bringing worldwide attention to all victims of terrorism in Israel, regardless of religion, and to being the voice of the families that continue to grieve silently for their loved ones.

The LifeAfterTerror Program is fully equipped with all necessary databases to reach beyond the survivors’ capabilities.  Our objectives, goals, tools, measurements, and outreach guidelines were carefully brainstormed and crafted with ideas and feedback from volunteers in the professional areas of social work, mental health, and education, and on-the-ground pro-Israel activists.

The Office of Justice for Victims of Overseas Terrorism (OVT) was established on May 6, 2005, to ensure the investigation and prosecution of terrorist-caused deaths that occurred overseas, but we have yet to see the Department of Justice fulfill its duties. To date, although 65 Americans have been killed by terrorists, not one assassin has been extradited for trial in the United States. Israel’s Voice is dedicated to fulfilling that mission.

Israel’s Voice is currently 100% volunteer-driven. Much of its operational costs have been paid out of pocket by members of the board.  In order to continue engaging with our more than 48,000 followers, reach new audiences and provide documentary DVDs that memorialize the victims of terrorism in Israel, and send DVDs of American victims to the Congressional Oversight Committee, financial support is essential.  Please consider supporting the LifeAfterTerror Program. Together, we could bring about this long-neglected justice.

Please contact us with any questions at 323-283-8690 or info@israelvoice.org.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Israel’s Voice Board
Michael Mendelson President
Grissell Gallegos Treasurer 
Cema Milicich Secretary



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