Our Mission And Vision

Israel’s Voice Org’s main focus. Life After Terror together with an added mission statement.


NEVER FORGET includes victims of terror

We intend to deliver on this mission using the following means:

1. Document terror attacks in Israel dating back from 1948 to present.

2. Interview the victim(s) from past to present, or their families, to help place faces to names.

3. Help ensure that each video goes viral each year thereafter.

4. Attempt to contact each victim or family yearly to gather insight on how lives have been affected and continue to be affected.

5. Interview the IDF soldiers who are keeping us safe in our cities across Israel.

6. Attend rallies to show our resilience. One very good example was the wedding of Sarah and Ariel. Other good examples are the funerals where we see Israel coming to unite as one.

7. Seek out organizations or individuals who teach self-defense and produce films to promote them.

8. Provide alternatives to the mainstream media which showcases terrorists as the victims.

9. Provide a percentage of donations directly to families in distress who have elevated burdens during times of need.


A famous quote of Hillel the Elder said, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when?” This statement relates to the struggles that each of us faces on a daily basis, and it teaches us how to keep a balance between what one does for oneself and what one expects from others. As a consequence, our non-profit organization is about to embark and fight for a very important cause which is “Life After Terror”.

As terrorism has become a global phenomenon and many nations are affected, we as a non-profit organization aim to make a difference around the world.

We, as people from Israel, are being called Jewish people. Jews are a special type of people. While families grieve in silence, it will be Israel’s Voice’s mission to keep their stories alive. In our organization we have made a pact that consists of the “NEVER AGAIN” slogan, meaning never again shall we allow Jews to be portrayed as the aggressor when they are simply defending themselves.

Our mission is not only to grow big, but to expand our capabilities around the world and to make our approaches real and helpful to everyone. We shall encourage, educate, and promote awareness of history as well as present and future events that are closely related to Israel. We not only have a mission; we also have a dream. Our dream is the dignity and pride of the Jewish people and Israel.

Ultimately, we would like to build a memorial in Jerusalem exposing all documentation to the public because victims of terror are as important as victims of the Holocaust.

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