Meet Our Team

Michael Mendelson

Program Supervisor  Israel’s Voice Org (President/Founder) Michael Mendelson was born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Witnessing Anti-Semitism from the age of 9 is what boosted his strive for knowledge on Judaism and the facts about Israel. At a young age, he began to share his became an outspoken advocate for Israel. In 2009 he created his Facebook profile. It became his number one source of news and used social media to dispute lies spewed about Israel and the Jewish people. In 2013 he took his knowledge to create his first Facebook page “Israel’s Voice” in efforts to persuade others to ... Read More

Shoshi Marciano

Program Planning Manager Shoshi Marciano was born and raised in Israel’s Capitol, Jerusalem. She’s proudly served the IDF during the first intifada. Afterwards, she’s made a life in the United States raising 2 beautiful girls and worked as a teacher for Jewish Day School’s. Shoshi brings Israel’s Voice to a whole new level with our project “Life After Terror.” Bringing her tremendous ability of interviewing people in a heartfelt and spiritual way. Being bilingual (Hebrew/English) will also allow videos to be subtitled for most of our viewers to understand... Read More

Cema Milicich

Program Assistant  Cema Milicich earned a B.A in Arts and B.A in Museum Studies. She worked at several School Districts in California area. It includes locked facilities with children at high-risk as a Special Educator Teacher, and a Substitute teacher. She studied computer and hold A+ Certification and Microsoft Professional Certification since 2000 ( MCP ID # 1947852)... Read More

Grissell Gallegos

Program Online Activist Grissell Argentina Gallegos studied Computer Engineering in Mexico. She has been an active administrator of several pro- Israel pages in social media and she is a true supporter of Israel... Read More

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